Learning From History
"What is past is prologue." William Shakespeare
"Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it." George Santayana

    The first step of the learning process is a review of the relevant history and identifying what works, what doesn't, what can be changed, how it should be changed, and who can change it. It is sometimes helpful to identify the people who have placed obstacles in the path of progress and those who have misled or derailed the train of human progress.

    George Bernard Shaw, a socialist who did not like the lessons of history, attempted to confuse people with a paraphrased quote of his own, "We learn from history that we learn nothing from history." Those who would interpret Shaw's quote to mean that nothing useful can be learned from the past are some of the people who choose to believe, "It's different this time," and includes the people who "can be fooled all of the time." Santayana's quote concerns the concept that history repeats because we either fail to learn the lessons of the past or because enough people choose to ignore the lessons of the past, as Shaw and every other socialist would prefer.

    The following includes a few easily observed historical facts and some related lessons of historical significance:

    The job of scientists is to discover the truth. Our judicial system is designed to settle disputes. Unlike scientists, lawyers are only interested in winning; truth can be either a casualty or a by-product. Lawyers have an adage/parable that they repeat by way of illustration. "If the facts favor your case, argue the facts. If the law favors your case, argue the law. If neither the facts nor the law favor your case, baffle them with BS." The vast majority of politicians attended law school and are far more interested in winning elections in order to stay in office than in discovering or revealing the truth.

    If it is true that actions speak louder than words, then it is true that we should watch what politicians do, especially when it seems to contradict what they say or promise. With these precepts, there are several things that should now be self-evident to any thinking person:

    History is about to repeat as the United States stands on the cusp of another depression and countless Americans are soon to be made homeless just as Jefferson warned. Capitalism and the US economy will always be threatened and endangered as long as a single socialist holds public office. No American's freedom will be safe as long as a single socialist holds elected public office.

Irregardless of your own personal opinions, and despite the opinions of any number of very well known so-called 'experts', these concepts and lessons from history have been confirmed by a surprising panel of historically irrefutable observers.